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Our team works in public health departments and provides information on oral health and services to the public. 70% of India’s population is rural and needs to be aware of health in all aspects and is being served only by 20% of the healthcare officials. The Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry takes up the challenge to upgrade complete health for the public with the growth and support of oral health campaigns and promotion of disease prevention. The association was started with a social agenda, to help the public understand that basic oral health directly links to overall health. Having good oral health leads to a healthy life.

The Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry believes that dental health is the art of preventing and controlling oral diseases. Making oral health an important part of our well being   through community efforts is the main objective of The Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry. Dental health is most neglected unknowingly, though it is the most important part of human health. The Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry strives to spread the importance of oral health care by serving the community with awareness, and educates the public with the benefits of having better dental hygiene.

Dr. R. K. Bali Dr. M. R Shankar Aradhya
Dr. K. H. Sheik Hyder Ali Dr. S. S. Hiremath
Dr. Ganesh Shenoy Panchmal Dr. Karim Virjee
Dr. H. L. Jayakumar Dr. N. Vijayakumar
Dr. M. B. Aswath Narayanan Dr. K. V. V. Prasad
Dr. B. K. Srivastava Dr. Srinath Shetty K
Dr. Gopal Raj Urs Dr. Yellappa
President Hon. Gen. Secretary
Dr. Pushpanjali K Dr. Vamsi Krishna Reddy
President Emeritus President Elect Immediate Past President
Dr. R. K bali Dr. Sabyasachi Saha Dr. Gopi Krishna V
Vice President
Dr. Basavaraj.P    Dr. Arun.S.Dodamani
Joint Secretary Treasurer Editor-JlAPHD
Dr. Avinash Dr. Naveen Kumar P.G Dr. Sowmya K R
EC Members
Dr. Vikrant Mohanty Dr. Chandrashekhar Janakiram
Dr. Shourya Tandon Dr. Ridhima Gaunkar
Dr. Praveen Jodalli Dr. Padma Reddy
Dr. Prashanth VK Dr. Riddhi Narang

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