Technology has integrated in our day to day activities. It has created a great impact in our life making us more aware and knowledgeable.

In this modern era of dentistry where innovations and discoveries are generating every day we need to stay connected with one another to achieve great heights and success.

Public Health Dentistry in India has come a long way when it comes to Dental education and to certain extent of Research contributions. But we still have to go a long way.

Public Health Dentists in India also needs to also focus on technology integration for the future.

Further budding  public health dentists  also need to get first hand exposure of immense amount of developments in the fields of dental public health as well as allied sciences.

From research grants, scientific developments, CDE programmes organized literature, and career development opportunities all available on one platform would help them guide on a path of knowledge gain as well overall development.

Live updates, blogs and reviews by expert faculty will make this portal lively and interactive. With this idea of bringing all public health dentists on one platform.

This idea is not to duplicate but to promote the wealth of knowledge as well as improve interactions among all.

For this purpose we have created a website where there can be exchange of ideas , knowledge , innovations and achievements .

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